Yamaha 480 Series Tenor Saxophone

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Yamaha 480 Series Tenor Saxophone

If you are looking to upgrade from your student model tenor saxophone or are looking for a quality instrument with a great sound, then the Yamaha 480 Intermediate Tenor Saxophone is an excellent choice.

Some features that set the Yamaha 480 Tenor Sax apart from other instruments:

  • Improved Low B-C# connection: An improved mechanism from low B-C# ensures the consistent closing of the low C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the low range of the instrument.
  • Professional Style Neck: This instrument has the 62 style neck which improves tone and response.
  • Left-hand seesaw key: The left-hand seesaw key is designed to increase playability as well as provide a more comfortable feel.
  • Compatible with Yamaha Custom Necks: With a redesigned octave key, you can upgrade your neck to either Yamaha's Custom Z and EX necks (sold separately) to improve your sound.

**This instrument qualifies as a special order item. Because of our great relationship with Yamaha, we can often get the instrument to you in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us at info@kincaidsmusic.com with any questions you have about special orders