Bach BTB411ML F-Attachment Tenor Trombone

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Bach BTB411ML F-Attachment Tenor Trombone

If you are looking to upgrade from your student model trombone or are looking for a quality instrument with a great sound, then the Bach BTB411ML F-Attachment Tenor Trombone is an excellent choice.

The Bach BTB411ML is a .525" medium-large bore tenor trombone has a very colorful and broad sound and is very responsive. The traditional, closed wrap of the F-attachment on this trombone helps the musician play with a clean attack and stable air flow. The handslide of this trombone is made of a chrome-plated nickel silver which results in smooth and quick action. The clear lacquer finish helps to produce a warm sound.

We are an authorized Conn-Selmer dealer, so you will receive the full manufacturer's warranty for this instrument.

**This instrument qualifies as a special order item. Because of our great relationship with Conn-Selmer, we can often get the instrument to you as quickly as any other order. Feel free to contact us at with any questions you have about special orders.

Order your Bach BTB411ML F-Attachment Tenor Trombone from Kincaid's Is Music today!