Conn 88HO Symphony Series F Attachment Trombone

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Conn 88HO Symphony Series F Attachment Trombone

If you are searching for a professional trombone then the Conn 88HO Symphony trombone is an excellent choice. The Conn 88HO Symphony Series trombone is one of C.G. Conn's top selling trombones and is a great option for any advancing musician wanting a reliable instrument from a trusted brand with an excellent sound. We are an authorized Conn-Selmer dealer.

Watch the video below for more details on the Conn 88H Symphony Series F Attachment Trombone.


  • .547" bore
  • 8-1/2" rose brass bell
  • Open wrap F attachment with standard rotor
  • Rose brass outer slide
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • C.G. Conn 5G mouthpiece
  • 7552C woodshell case