String Instrument Rentals

Your child came home excited about joining the school orchestra, but you've got concerns.
"Can I afford an instrument? And what if it breaks? Or worse yet, what if they quit?"
We've helped over 40,000 parents keep the smile on their child's face - we'll do the same for you!

Completing Your Rental Is Easy!



Why Rent Toward Ownership?

We highly recommend you consider starting this musical journey by renting your instrument.  Flexibility and peace of mind are just a few clicks away.



If playability is compromised, you're covered while renting. Loaners are also available upon request, though subject to availability.

If you bought, you have to add the cost of upkeep on top of your purchase.


Fire or theft - it happens! While renting, you'll get another instrument right away.

If you purchase, you'll have to work with your insurance company. It may be weeks or months before your child is playing again!


If you can't continue after buying your instrument, you're stuck with an instrument collecting dust.

If you're renting, just bring it back! You'll have saved yourself a lot of time and money!


While renting, you can move from one instrument to another with 100% of your rental credit following. You can also move up in size, as needed!

Those that bought their instrument are - unfortunately - out of luck. :(


Once your child is ready to move up from their student instrument, 100% of your rental credit can apply to their step-up instrument.

If you bought your student-level instrument, this becomes much more difficult.



Choose Your Monthly Payment


All Kincaid's instruments are in great playing condition. Each instrument is thoroughly cleaned and adjusted by our technicians prior to availability, and come with a case, bow & rosin.



Choose Your Initial Payment

How much will it cost today to get your instrument home? Take your pick!


More Reasons Parents Love The Instrument Rental Program

  • No Interest
  • 100% of Monthly Rental Rate Applies
  • Our Commitment to Your Child's Success
  • Name-Brand, Teacher- Approved Instruments


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
We're here to assist you in any way we can! 

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"I was concerned, wondering if we'd be able to afford an instrument, but we found that renting was easy & affordable...I would recommend Kincaid's without hesitation!"

Lisa Mossing,
Rental Customer,
Mad River Local Schools

"Kincaid's always supplies my needs and delivers in a timely manner. They're great to work with and extremely knowledgable. I couldn't be happier."

David Sapp,
Director of Bands,
Urbana Local Schools

"We recommend [renting] because it's an affordable opportunity for kids to learn to play an instrument - a skill they can enjoy for the rest of their lives - and we were completely confident in the expertise of everyone at Kincaid's."

John & Margie Kuziak,
Rental Customers,
Clark-Shawnee Local Schools

"The crew at Kincaid's has been extremely knowledgeable and reliable over the years."

Carl Soucek,
Director of Bands,
Carroll H.S.