Meet The Team

The Kincaid's Krew

We're on a mission to see the number of children we help begin and advance in instrumental school music increase by 50% in the next five years. Why? Because we believe in the power of music.


Powered by dogs and coffee.

Jan Barnes

Music Education Specialist

Plays clarinet. Former band director. Pronounced "boo-SHAY".

Charlie Boucher

Repair Technician

Repairs strings - and other stuff.

Bob Daugherty

Inventory Specialist

Plays bass. And disc golf.

Clay Davidson

Board Member

Plays piano. Teaches piano.

Debbie Dustin

Board Member

Plays trumpet. Former band director. Man of two first names.

Rick Dustin

Dan Finfrock, Sales Specialst

Music Education Specialist

Plays trumpet. Loves bowling.

Dan Finfrock

Casey Fyffe, School Services Specialist at Kincaid's Music

School Services Specialist

Plays oboe. Loves dogs.

Casey Fyffe

Marissa Gilbert, Apprentice Repair Technician at Kincaid's Music

Apprentice Repair Technician

Plays Saxophone. Fixes things.

Marissa Gilbert

Repair Technician

Plays trumpet. Repairs brass & woodwinds.

Jackson James

Rental Account Specialist

Plays guitar. Last name really is 'Music'.

Larry Music

Sales Specialist

Plays clarinet and piano. Loves rollercoasters.

Brad Pipenger

Human Resources

Plays clarinet. Fueled by coffee.

Deborah Ruff


Plays trombone & guitar. Former band director. Last name really is 'Ruff'.

Ryan Ruff

Customer Service Specialist

Plays Saxophone. Crayon-eater.

Tyler Sinclair

Music Education Consultant

Plays trumpet. Former band director. Met our Stevens quota.

Brian Stevens

Senior Repair Technician

Plays Trombone. Fixes stuff.

Dan Stevens