D'Addario Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap

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D'Addario Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap

The D’Addario Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap line is an eco-friendly soundhole hook style strap made specifically to support all Ukuleles with a standard soundhole. The full line is made from an Eco-Friendly fabric, made from recycled water bottles, and is super comfortable while also being super durable with a color scheme inspired by beach elements. The hook is made from a soft rubber that will not harm or scratch your ukulele but is strong enough to support the weight of the instrument.

  • Soft and durable eco-friendly strap material made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Soundhole hook made from durable soft rubber
  • 5 beach inspired color designs available

Check out the video below for more information on this ukulele strap from D'Addario!

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