Deagan Masterpiece 54B Vintage Marimba

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Deagan Masterpiece 54B Vintage Marimba

Deagan marimbas are widely known as a highly respected brand of percussion instruments. The quality of Deagan instruments can be heard by their sound and seen by the quality of materials used to make them.

This marimba has four octaves (C to C) of wooden bars for a wide range of playability. The 54B was an improved update to Deagan's 354 model. The 54B model is believed to be made in the mid to late 1930's. 

This is a vintage item that shows signs of wear and use

See picture above for Category Number: 54B and Model: C

Made in the USA

This item is only available for In-Store Pickup. Come see this beautiful vintage Deagan Masterpiece 54B Marimba today!

If you have any questions regarding this instrument, feel free to reach out to us by email at or by phone at (937) 325-7071.