Jupiter JFL710 Student Closed Hole Flute

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Jupiter JFL710 Student Closed Hole Flute

The Jupiter JFL710 is the perfect instrument for all the beginning players out there who want to learn how to play the flute. This flute is a beginner instrument with advanced featuresThe JFL710 is durable and will stand the wear and tear that new students will put it through along with a rich sound. Featuring plateau keys, top adjustment screws and ribbed construction, the JFL710 is the choice for the beginning flutist.


  • Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body and Headjoint combine to provide not only durability but enhanced tonal quality and lasting beauty
  • Plateau Keys facilitate easier fingering for both the younger student as well as the more mature player
  • Offset G Key allows for more comfortable hand position reducing tension in the hands and wrists promoting more agile key response and reduced fatigue

**This instrument qualifies as a special order item. Because of our great relationship with Jupiter, we can often get the instrument to you as quickly as any other order. Feel free to contact us at info@kincaidsmusic.com with any questions you have about special orders.