Paiste PST8 Reflector 14" Medium Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair)

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Paiste PST8 Reflector 14" Medium Hi-Hat Cymbals

PST 8 cymbals are crafted from the legendary 2002 bronze, refined through traditional hand hammering and perfected with the unique handmade Reflector finish. These hallmarks of Swiss workmanship make these cymbals pure Paiste instruments, yet they are as attractively priced as the other successful Paiste Sound Technology series.

Sound Character: Refined and warm with a deep touch. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Balanced feel. Rich, controllable open sound with a defined, solid chick sound. Versatile hi-hat for all-around playing in a wide range of musical applications.

  • 14"
  • Weight: Medium Top, Heavy Bottom
  • Volume: Medium Low to Loud
  • Stick Sound: Dry, Fairly Defined, Warm
  • Intensity: Fairly Lively
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Chick Sound: Fairly strong and defined