ProMark SPYR Rubber Mallets

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ProMark SPYR Rubber Mallets

Designed in collaboration with world-renowned percussionists, designers, and educators Kevin Shah and Tony Nuñez, the SPYR series is a comprehensive, foundational offering for high school and college-level band directors seeking to outfit their percussion section with quality implements.

With extensive thought put toward optimizing the material of each mallet head and the relationship of its size and shape to the shaft’s diameter and length, the SPYR series was designed to deliver exceptional tone and projection for any ensemble setting a school might have, whether that be a marching front ensemble or an orchestra.

Available in three options:

  1. SU1R - Very Soft Marimba Mallet
  2. SU2R - Soft Marimba Mallet
  3. SU3R - Medium Soft Xylophone Mallet

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