Selmer Paris Concept Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Selmer Paris Concept Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

The Concept is the latest Selmer mouthpiece. It combines Henri Selmer Paris' legacy of fine designs with contemporary precision manufacturing technologies. This mouthpiece is easily playable, and features a rich tone and a great consistency. The innovative and refined design of the Concept illustrates the philosophy of Henri Selmer Paris. Since 1885, Selmer has thrived to meet the requirements of each and every musician.

The Concept features a tip opening of .042" and has a round chamber. It is suited for classical saxophonists looking for a small tip opening and superb control.

Ease of response, with a round and rich sound, the Soprano Concept mouthpiece is characterized by its exterior design, which is above all for the comfort of the musician. The mouth is wider than that of a traditional soprano mouthpiece, this makes switching between instruments (alto/soprano) much easier. Acoustic advances combined with improved ergonomics, serving the musician and the music.

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