Standard of Excellence - Book 1

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Standard of Excellence combines a strong performance-centered approach with music theory, music history, ear training, listening composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary and multicultural studies. The result is the most complete band method available anywhere.

Each method book features full color drawings and color-coding of important text and music motivate and inform, three starting systems help ensure positive results in any beginning situation, Excellerators (advanced supplemental exercises) reinforce and enrich performance basics, offer idiomatic solutions to the unique challenges of each instrument and a built-in reward system motivates students and encourages musical growth.

  • Audio Accompaniment Recordings for all full band exercises available via download using code inside front cover
  • Interactive Practice Studio (IPS), for Windows, MAC, and Apple or Android app, takes students through the entire book and provides numeric performance scores.
  • Tuner, Metronome, and other tools included with IPS software/app