Yamaha YFL-462 Intermediate Flute

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Yamaha YFL-462 Intermediate Flute

If you are looking to upgrade from your student model flute or are looking for a quality instrument with a great sound, then the Yamaha YFL-462 Intermediate Flute is an excellent choice.

The YFL462 is the French model from Yamaha that comes with open hole keys which are preferred by advanced players to enable them to control the tone of their instrument. This model also comes with offset key systems which are preferred for beginners and intermediate players as a comfortable option for hand placement while playing. Key plugs are included with intermediate open hole flutes until the student is ready to play their instrument with open holes. 

The 400 series from Yamaha has a sterling silver headjoint, body, and foot joint. The keys are made of nickel-silver.

Other available options are the B footjoint which allows the player to play a half step lower than the standard C Flute and has a darker tonal quality.

Another option on top of the B footjoint is a gold lip plate for the flutist who has an allergic reaction to silver.

**This instrument qualifies as a special order item. Because of our great relationship with Yamaha, we can often get the instrument to you in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us at info@kincaidsmusic.com with any questions you have about special orders