Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Trumpet, Lacquer Finish

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Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Trumpet, Lacquer Finish

If you are looking to upgrade from your student model trumpet or are looking for a quality instrument with a great sound, then the Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Trumpet is an excellent choice.

The YTR4335GII trumpet proves its quality with a gold brass bell which improves the overall tonal quality. From the brace to the pistons, the intermediate trumpets from Yamaha are modeled after the high end professional horns in style and to provide confidence for the player in durability and maximized sound quality.

You will hear and notice the difference on the Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Trumpet.

**This instrument qualifies as a special order item. Because of our great relationship with Yamaha, we can often get the instrument to you in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us at info@kincaidsmusic.com with any questions you have about special orders