Zildjian S Series 14" Master Sound Hi-Hat Cymbals

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Zildjian S Series 14" Master Sound Hi-Hat Cymbals

The S Family of cymbals are quality B12 alloy instruments that are bold, bright and expressive. The S Family is a versatile collection built with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. Each model features extensive hammering and lathing, as well as a striking brilliant finish that helps open up the sound, providing a bright and shimmering tone. The S Family features:

B12 Alloy:
88% Copper and 12% Tin (88/12) produces the perfect balance of low, middle, and high frequencies

Fully Lathed:
Top and bottom lathing and crafted to perfection in weight, feel, and sound

Extensive Hammering:
Gives these cymbals a dialed in sonic response throughout all dynamic ranges

Brilliant Finish:
Striking brilliant finish allows the cymbals to open up, sounding and looking great on any stage

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